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"Specializing in quality work in Chicagoland for fifteen years"

Replacing or installing front doors closet doors complete entryways? No problem! (Pict A) We cut the opening and installed the full glass door along with full height glass sidelights, which opened up great views of the back yard. (Pict B) This custom made solid oak door was installed for an upstairs bedroom. (Pict C) Although this linen closet door looks like a single unit, we fabricated it from four small doors so it would blend in with the neighboring bedroom doors. (Pict D and E) The owner of this house had a door and some miscellaneous windows that he wanted installed in a cohesive manner. The installation of the side and top lights now echo the panels of the door, and the decorative trim work ties it all together. (Click on image to enlarge.)

Pict A

Pict B

Pict C

Pict D

Pict E

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